Rituals Hammam Collection

There is certainly a lack of unisex bath and body offerings out there, it seems that the majority of brands have decided that the bath and body game is one best aimed at females and that is all there is to it. Being a beauty blogger which a massive family in which the vast majority is made up of males let me tell you that could be further from the truth. I have lost count to how many bottles of bubble bath, shower gel and candles of mine that have went walk about only to found in the clutches of a male family member. Men like to relax and pamper just as much as us women do and I'm glad that the level of shame surrounding the process seems to have diminished in the last few years. If you have found yourself in a similar situation then I highly recommend the Rituals Hammam Collection which has to be one of, if not the best unisex offering I have seen this year.

Rituals Hammam Collection

As you may know the Hammam ritual is one of the oldest cleansing practices in the world. It is often referred to as the Turkish baths and is somewhat akin to a sauna only it involves being vigorously rubbed down with warm, hot soapy cloths and rinsed clean. I have experienced the tradition in Turkey and didn't really enjoy it but then again I am quite a private person. For more information on three ritual this article explains it very well - link. Any way the Rituals Hammam Collection has been created to mimic the spiritual bliss and fragrance of attending the Hammam but with comfort and convenience of being at home.

Rituals Hammam Collection

The Rituals Hammam Collection includes:

- Hammam Delight Foaming Shower Gel, which is scented with Eucalyptus and Rosemary for a fresh invigorating shower. I adore Rituals foaming shower gels as they really lather up but leave the skin soft and supple. One bottle will last you a good while too. I tend to purchase the Yogi Flow variant the most but I do rather like this version and found it to be fitting for the chilly weather.

- Hammam Olive Secret Shower Paste, this has a definite Eucalyptus fragrance that teamed with the hot water of a steaming shower will really help should you catch a cold. Unlike the shower gel this is more of a body serum that you apply in the shower to cleanse and moisturises in one quick step, Admittedly I wouldn't purchase this in the future but it was fun to try out none the less

-Touch Of Hammam Body Cream, if you like fig based scents then this is for you, fresh yet festive the fig based scent really is a treat to apply to the skin. This is a thicker than normal body cream, almost like a body butter in a tube. Yes it takes a little longer than I like to to absorb but to quench dry skin it is worth the wait. I have been using it as a hand cream.

- Hammam Hot Scrub, again a eucalyptus scented product but my goodness what a winter treat. This scrub not only smells amazing, makes light work of buffing your skin into a silken smooth state but actually warms the skin too helping to boost circulation. A lovely way to slough off old fake tan and of course to some degree combat cellulite.

- Hammam Secret Mini Home Fragrance Sticks, in my opinion you simply can not have a relaxing night in without some type of home fragrance and this little but powerful reed diffuser is perfect. It is dinky enough that you can pretty much place it anywhere in the home yet the fragranced oil packs a punch scenting any room it is placed within with the fresh and invigorating notes of Eucalyptus and Rosemary.

I do warn you that you may purchase this with a loved one in mind and end up keeping it for yourself, it is that great a kit and one of the few that doesn't require a bath for an at home pamper session.

Rituals Hammam Collection £37.50 via Bath & Unwind - link

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