New Sleek Make-Up Blush Palettes

Be still my beating heart not only are Sleek Make-Up launching one of the most beautiful palettes ever in the form of Garden of Eden (read my post here) but along side such offering there will be two limited edition Sleek Make-Up Blush by 3 palettes. Did your heart just flutter too?

All in there will be two limited edition palettes to collect (how anyone can skip either is beyond me): Californ.I.A and Pink Lemonade. Californ.I.A takes its inspiration from the sunny shores of Cali, think sun kissed skin and a love for the water. The shades are mainly coral based which will beautifully compliment the green tones of the Garden of Eden palette and most likely be my go to come the warmer months. Pink Lemonade is apparently based on all things chintzy such as a tea party and ladies who lunch and features three blushing rose tinted shades which again will work well with the green based palette.

From what I can tell each palette contains two powder shades and one cream formulation. The really good news is we don't have to wait long for all three items to launch as they are pencilled in for the 15th of January. Oh 2014 you are shaping up nicely.

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