Fragonard Christmas Candle

I have openly said I'm not a fan of spicy fragrances and I stand by that but at Christmas with every brand and their mother offering some sort of spice based home fragrance, it is a fairly uphill struggle to spread the festive cheer in true Buddy the Elf style - actually I don't recall him mentioning candles. Anyway today I have a delightfully Christmas based candle that channels Parisian chic that manages to be fruity yet festive at the same time and you can pick it up will stocking up on mince pies. Ladies and gentlemen I present Fragonard Christmas Candle...

Okay my waffle about spices may fall on deaf ears when you learn that one of the notes present within this cheery blend is cinnamon but hear me out when I say that it engulfed by the sunny, citrus notes of orange and rather than eluding spice the cinnamon merely gives warmth to the scent. I liken the fragrance which has a great scent throw to being somewhat akin to Christmas Oranges (oranges pricked with cloves) - it is familiar, reminds you of Christmas yet is not overly obvious. 

The beauty of the Fragonard Christmas Candle is that it is presented within a ceramic white holder that is of course very chic (would you expect anything else from a Parisian brand?) and will not look out place in any home once the season changes. I can't be alone in thinking that for £25 I want to be able to burn this candle whenever I please? Festive yes. Yet not obvious, this is what makes this stand out from the rest.

Fragonard Christmas Candle £25 via M&S - link

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