Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Diptyque Baies Candle Review

Diptyque Baies Candle Review

Forgive me father for I have sinned...again!
As many know I have an Achilles heel when it comes to candles - I could give the chapel across the road from a run for its money...sad but true. One brand that always leads me astray is Diptyque - if you want a little indulgence no brand does it better when candles are involved. In my opinion their blends are unique (Feu de Bois aside) and fill my home and heart with scented joy. Disney sentiment aside I truly do believe that once you try a Diptyque candle it is hard not to develop an addiction.

At the moment myself and Diptyque Baies are having a love in, so much so that the candle you see in my image is in fact my second 70g purchase in as little as a month. A pricey habit absolutely but the blow was somewhat softened by the fact one came free with a gift with purchase at Space.NK and the other was bought using a gift voucher. Why do I like Diptyque Baies so much? Simply put it is all I want Christmas and Winter for that matter to smell like without the need for heedy spices or overtly strong pine notes. Rather Baies (French for berries) is a fruity blend of red fruits and rose - it oddly reminds me somewhat of a Christmas cake but more refined and as it has a slightly floral note it isn't tart. It is one of those warming fragrances that helps warm a room and dare I say it spreads a little refined Christmas cheer. Forget Christmas cookie et al and this year ask Santa for a pretty mono-chromed Diptyque offering...I know I have.

Diptyque Baies Candle from £20 via Space.NK - link

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  1. Gorgeous photo! I am still to try my first Diptyque candle :) xx

  2. Sounds lovely! I'm going to go smell this asap!

  3. I bought my mum baies for her birthday and we all love it :)


  4. I had a right time in Selfridges sniffing all these, I wish somewhere closer to me would sell these!

    Jade | Beauty Butterfly

  5. Thanks a lot for posting this. I tried some other review sites like but never seemed to find an insightful review, so thanks again! It's not easy to shell out $68 for something you can't even read a review for :)


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