Who To Follow on Instagram

Like most the first and last thing I do at night is check my Instagram feed - I'm not sure why it is so addictive but it really is and who doesn't like being nosy in a non-stalker way and snooping at some pretty images?
Being a huge beauty addict the majority of accounts that I follow are of course of this nature, here are some of my must follows...

1, One of my personal favourite accounts to scroll through has to be Allure Magazine, it is full of pretty and beautifully shot images not to mention being a huge and beauty focused magazine they are always up to date with the newest launches. I particularly enjoy the peeks into their beauty cupboard...holy moly it is huge!

2, If creative make-up is your calling then you really should be following Illamasqua on Instagram - a haven of inspiration from make-up artists and bloggers alike. This account is never boring, I live vicariously through this stream, one day hoping to be brave enough to wear blue lipstick!

3, I hate to pick favourites but out of all the high street brands Maybelline has to be my favourite - cheap, cheerful and always bang on trend. I don't actually follow the UK account but rather the US stream as this way I can snoop on products months before they launch in the UK. Oh I am a nosy sod, you can join me in my peeping tom ways here - link.

4, I loathe and mean loathe painting my nails but I can appreciate a brilliant nail artist when I see one. Fleury Rose Nails is all you wish you could create at home armed with nail polish and brushes yet don't quite have the skills to do so...or at least I don't. This is one of those Instagram accounts that you will not only find yourself longing to live in NYC but also for long beautifully painted digits.

5, Some beauty Instagram's can be a little too cutesy for my liking but not the Bobbi Brown stream, this is truly all killer and no filler from sneak peeks at new products and backstage access. I do warn now that one glance may have you emptying your bank account without hesitation.

6, Wah Nails - need I say more? You own the book, you've visited the pop up shop now you can follow the Wah Nails Instagram feed for daily doses of nail inspiration. It is now on my beauty bucket list to have my nails Wah'd at least once in my lifetime.

7, I can't compose an Instagram beauty must follow list without including a nod to the make-up mecca that is MAC (i'm now wondering if Sephora have an account, I must research that later). The photos are everything you expect and more including the first peeks at new collections, backstage snaps and of course face charts. If you are a MAC fan click that follow button - link.

8, I am very much having a NARS moment and what better way to indulge than by following their official Instagram account which is ran by one of the ladies at an undisclosed NYC counter. New products, exclusive snaps and daily ongoings of counter life you can expect to see it all here - link.

9, Last but not least we have The Beauty Department's account which of course is famed for having the beautiful Lauren Conrad as an contributor. Truthfully I follow their offerings for easy peasy hair tutorials but there is something for everyone including simple nail tutorials and general D.I.Y projects.

Do you have any must follow beauty accounts that I have missed.
It would be only rude to not plug my own Instagram account wouldn't it? 
You can find and follow me here - link.