Yankee Snowflake Cookie Candle

Yankee Snowflake Cookie Candle
Yankee Snowflake Cookie Candle

I adore Christmas but not so much the festive fragrances that may candle brands launch year after year, 
I want to like spice based scents, I really do but cinnamon notes just aren't for me. 
That being said I do enjoy anything cookie or vanilla based so the new Yankee Snowflake fragrance is right up my street. 

"A new Christmas tradition that is sure to charm: perfectly pretty holiday cookies, deliciously decorated with sugary pink icing."

As the pink tinted wax and pretty label may suggest this is a sweet and light fragrance - I know it is clichéd to say but this is your typical girlie girl scent. It is of course sugar based with a strong vanilla kick, the idea is to mimic cookies and the icing that tops such sweet treat and I wouldn't say it is worlds apart. To be truthful it reminds me somewhat of Yankee Vanilla Cupcake (not identical just similar) so fans of that category of fragrance will eat this up...not literally of course.

It may not be your typical festive offering but it is a nice break from spice based scents and let's not kid ourselves the pink design will hook the majority of us in!

Yankee Snowflake Cookie range £1.25-£19.99 via Yankee Direct - link