Viviscal Hair Confessions Census

Hair...where do I start?
One day I love mine the next day I am tempted to chop it all off.
I'm sure I am not alone? We all have good hair day's, bad hair day's and of course those occasions when a hat is our best friend!

To see exactly what garners a good day and for general hair care research Viviscal have launched a worldwide hair census for females to uncover the true meaning of a good hair day. They want to find out more about the psychological effects of hair on confidence and self-esteem.
For every person in the UK that fills in the survey Viviscal will donate £1 to Look Good Feel Better and you’ll be entered into a draw to win a trip to L.A, as well as helping a good cause.
                                                  Not bad for five minutes of your time eh?

Here’s a link to the global hair census:

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