Friday, November 15, 2013

MAC Glasgow Bafta Master Class

MAC Glasgow Bafta Master Class

Last night I was lucky enough to attend a MAC Master Class in the House of Fraser Glasgow in which MAC's senior make-up artist Cher and assistant demonstrated two red carpet ready looks. I don't have the best attention span but both make-up artists were so talented and friendly that the 45 minutes simply flew in...I may or may not have sat a little slack jawed. 

Along with learning how to create both looks lots and lots of tips were dished out as were many beauty questions answered along with some of the more puzzling MAC make-up items being explained i.e the new concealer palettes - what each shade is intended for and what brush is best to use. I will of course share the concealer palette tips in an upcoming review. However my little MAC note pad is now full and my MAC pencil is now blunt so it is only fair I share a few tips I learnt last night...

If like myself you prefer a brow power opposed to a brow pencil dampen the powder and use an angled brush to mimic natural hair strokes rather than blocking in brows. The overall effect is far more natural.

For an natural uplifted effect on the upper eye blend a concealer one or two shades lighter on the brow bone all the way up to the underneath of the brow. It can also be used to hide stray brow hairs.

Most of us forget to apply concealer into the inner corners of the eye but by doing so you instantly brighten the eye and help disguise dark circles.

Wrap false eyelashes around your finger before application, this will give a more natural fit and also prevent the eyelashes from uplifting at the corners through course of wear.

Roll or dab on pressed powder rather than simply brushing it for better oil control and to prevent altering the overall finish of your foundation.

Use a cotton bud to apply glue to false eyelashes to prevent applying too much. Also always wait until the glue is tacky before applying - apparently duo glue turns a yellow based shade when tacky and it is a good indicator of when it is ready to be applied.

Obviously a lot more information was provided on the night but there is only so much my little brain can retain. As many will know I don't often attend events but this is one that I urge you all  to attend should your local MAC store ever advertise a master class to enrol as it was so educational but oodles of fun too!
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  1. Fantastic post. Not jealous of you at all attending MAC Master class - at all I tell you. My most recent post (of all of 6 of them) Is about my new found love of MAC products. I now have the pro palette in my posession with shades 'naked lunch' green smoke' and 'satin taupe'
    With 12 spaces still to fill any recommendations will be greatly received.
    Thank you x



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