Friday, November 22, 2013

Lush Launch Snow Fairy Fragrance!

Lush Limited Edition Fragrances

Yes really!
Newly launched today is five utterly limited edition Lush Fragrances in scents that your heart may have desired for quite some while...yes Snow Fairy I am looking at you.
This is the first time that Lush have created liquid perfumes of this kind and in my opinion they couldn't have picked better fragrances if they tried. 

All in there is five best selling scents to choose from which include:

Snowcake (£23/30ml) - Snowcake is a sweet smelling marzipan fragrance with sweet benzoin resinoid, floral rose absolute and cassie absolute.

Snow Fairy (£25/30ml) - This scent needs no introduction or explanation but in case you are one of the very few unfamiliar with this pink fluffy fragrance - Snow Fairy has sweet candy notes and has been based on candyfloss and pear drop sweets. Yum!

Ponche (£23/30ml) - Ponche is a citrus scent of pettigrain oil combined with davana and buchu oils.

Calacas (£25/30ml) - Is normally a Halloween/Day of the Dead fragrance. The Calacas fragrance contains lime and neroli oils with earthy frankincense.

Rose Jam (£30/30ml) Rose Jam houses real Turkish rose oil, rose absolute, a hint of lemon and dash of geranium oil. 

The limited edition range is available exclusively online today and will only run for one month, you have been where did I leave my bank card? Find the collection here - link
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  1. I've already bought the Snow fairy and I can't wait to try it :o). Xx

  2. I was so looking forward to this but £25?! Did not anticipate that price! One sniff of Snow Fairy will probably convince me haha

  3. This stuff smells amazing!

  4. Oh my goodness- I love all of the Lush holiday scents so I could see myself wanting all of these! Thanks for sharing :)


  5. I love Lush and these bottles look so cute :)

  6. I need Rose Jam! My love for Lush is growing and growing!

    Rebecca-Louise: Autumn Leaves - UK Beauty Blog

  7. Ooh, I might have to get one of these for my Lush-obsessed friend. The price is a little steeper than I expected though.

  8. Wow, I bet these are going to be popular!


  9. Awwww maaaaaan Rose Jam is my favourite, why is that one so damn expensive? I am pouting all over the shop.

    Charlotte - xx

  10. Payday should hurry up. I want snow fairy and ponche xx

  11. Theyre sooo expensive omg!

  12. I bet this smells sooooooo good! Can't wait to pop in and test it

  13. As much as I wouldn't buy one of these due to personal reasons, I wish they would make one for So White and Honey I Washed The Kids. :(

  14. Ahh, I've bought no snow fairy yet this year!
    Megan x | MeganRoisinn


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