John Lewis Blogger Secret Santa 2013

I'm beginning to feel the warm fuzzy feeling of the run up to Christmas take over - if I was a cartoon character I would have visions of sugar plums dancing in my head to the tune of the Nutcracker. One of the reasons I am so annoyingly giddy is that along with all the Christmas adverts that are on loop there is the fact that I am taking part in the John Lewis Secret Santa campaign.

Oh what is that I hear you ask? Well myself and a few other bloggers will be partnered up and given two days to select a gift for them from the John Lewis website basing your choice on what you think they would like using their blog as a reference. For me that is the most exciting part, I want to get the gift just right and ensure it is one of the better gifts they receive this year rather than the one they return...I jest of course. I'm secretly hoping they drop lots of hints or perhaps have a wish list post or two on their blog. I'd be lying if I said it hasn't got me thinking about what I'd like, oddly I have my sights on the John Lewis Bare and Hare Mug. Anyway the surprises will all be revealed on the 25th November which isn't all that far away. The nice part about this concept (gift aside) is that hopefully along the way some new friendships will be created which is never a bad thing.

Are you also a John Lewis Blogger Secret Santa?