Friday, November 01, 2013

Feu de Faux?

Muji Log Fire Candle

Muji do candles? Yes and rather well too.
Like most I only ever log on to the Muji website to purchase acrylic storage for my make-up but a few days ago when shopping for a few bits and pieces for my bathroom I stumbled across Muji candles.
There is quite a few Muji fragrances to choose from as well as styles but in the end I settled on a tin candle in the fragrance Log Fire as I recall reading on a few blogs (most notably Lips So Facto) that it is somewhat reminiscent of Diptyque's Feu de Bois but much cheaper at £3.50!

Looking for a candle to bring the outdoors indoors? A fragrance that will remind you of both a roaring fire, the smoke of such fire as well as the hint of burning wood? Well look no further than Muji's Log Fire, a warming, earthy scent that couldn't be more perfect for those depressingly dark Autumnal nights.

It is indeed similar to Diptyque's Feu de Bois offering heck the candle even has the same name, light green wax and the similar woody tones we know and love. In my opinion the Muji version Log Fire doesn't quite offer the same level of scent throw but at £3.50 I wasn't expecting much , don't get me wrong it will mildly fragrance a room but unlike the Diptyque version it won't engulf the home. On the plus side it does burn cleaner than it is pricer counterpart - what is it with Diptyque candles and soot? I should also mention that after a few hours of burning the Log Fire candle it did produce a slightly rubber tone which was less than pleasant but that only really occurred after 2/3 hours of burning.

For those who have access to Bath and Body Works I do want to mention that Muji Log Fire is also very similar to their Summertime Smores candle if you are looking for a cheaper alternative now it has been discontinued.

You can find Muji Log Fire and the other candle fragrances here - link

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  1. I bought my Mum the Feu de Bois for Christmas a few years ago and she still isn't even half way through it because she says its too expensive! Maybe I will look into getting this one for her!

  2. I just got Feu de Bois last month but it smells to good to burn because I'm so scared of using this up! Will def be stocking up on these Muji ones instead, thanks!

    Claire | AgentSmyth

  3. I've bought a candle from Muji in the past - the tins are really good for storing things in after its all gone too!


  4. B&BW actually has some other winter scents that are reminiscent of Feu de Bois as well - Fireside is the best bet, I'd say!

  5. I love their candles! Was just firing up the Pomelo and Lychee one myself, which smells absolutely incredible!
    I did smell this one in the store but wasn't convinced into buying it. Maybe because it was july and no autumn feelings had set in yet,but it does smell great

    x Joanna|The Treasure Chestt

  6. Hmm, yes please. I quite like Muji as they are so affordable. Gotta scrimp as student xx

    Trill xo

  7. Log fire sounds like a great idea for a winter candle :)



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