Urban Decay The Mother Lode Shadow Set

Forget the current rumours (and that is all it is) of a third Urban Decay Naked Palette and feast your eyes on the the Urban Decay The Mother Lode Shadow Set.
Can we please file this under be still my beating heart?

Does anyone recall the MTV show Cribs? In particular Mariah Carey's episode where she quite literally had a mini Sephora as her make-up area? Well does the Urban Decay The Mother Lode Shadow Set remind you somewhat of that only on a more obtainable level. I say that but at $595 it is hardly cheap and as of yet there is no word if this will hit the UK but I certainly wouldn't say no to this dream line up of eyeshadow.

It contains a whopping 62 of Urban Decay's best selling eyeshadows which include:
- Blackout 
- Gunmetal 
- Bust 
- Darkhorse 
- Lost 
- Snakebite 
- Smog 
- Tease
- Stray Dog 
- Toasted 
- Sin 
- Oil Slick 
- S&M 
- Pistol
- Busted 
- Twice Baked 
- Secret Service
- Suspect 
- Roach 
- Chopper
- Midnight Rodeo
- Scratch 
- Gravity
- Grifter 
- Flash 
- Rockstar 
- Evidence 
- Loaded 
- Cobra 
- Mushroom 
- Last Call
- Woodstock 
- Fishnet
- Psychedelic Sister
- Radium 
- Peace 
- Shattered 
- Haight 
- Bordello 
- Asphyxia
- Hijack 
- Bender 
- Mildew
- Kush
- Buck 
- Chase
- Baked 
- X 
- ABC Gum 
- Freelove 
- Sellout 
- Virgin
- Foxy 
- Polyester Bride 
- Vanilla
- Midnight Cowboy Rides Again 
- Naked
- Half Baked 
- Blunt 
- Snatch 
- Midnight Cowboy
- Verve 
- Midnight Cowgirl
- Maui Wowie 
- Zephyr

Phew! I'm pretty sure Urban Decay have now officially trumped every other cosmetic brand with this offering. In fact I challenge any other competitor to come close. Yes it is pricey but the Urban Decay eyeshadow formula is unbeatable and look at it this way you'd be set in eye choices for a long, long while.

Do I want it? You betcha. Can I afford it. Not so much!

You can swoon a little further and should you have bottomless pockets and live in the North America you can purchase it now via Sephora - link