Monday, October 28, 2013

Urban Decay The Mother Lode Eyeshadow Set

Urban Decay The Mother Lode Shadow Set

Forget the current rumours (and that is all it is) of a third Urban Decay Naked Palette and feast your eyes on the the Urban Decay The Mother Lode Shadow Set.
Can we please file this under be still my beating heart?

Does anyone recall the MTV show Cribs? In particular Mariah Carey's episode where she quite literally had a mini Sephora as her make-up area? Well does the Urban Decay The Mother Lode Shadow Set remind you somewhat of that only on a more obtainable level. I say that but at $595 it is hardly cheap and as of yet there is no word if this will hit the UK but I certainly wouldn't say no to this dream line up of eyeshadow.

It contains a whopping 62 of Urban Decay's best selling eyeshadows which include:
- Blackout 
- Gunmetal 
- Bust 
- Darkhorse 
- Lost 
- Snakebite 
- Smog 
- Tease
- Stray Dog 
- Toasted 
- Sin 
- Oil Slick 
- S&M 
- Pistol
- Busted 
- Twice Baked 
- Secret Service
- Suspect 
- Roach 
- Chopper
- Midnight Rodeo
- Scratch 
- Gravity
- Grifter 
- Flash 
- Rockstar 
- Evidence 
- Loaded 
- Cobra 
- Mushroom 
- Last Call
- Woodstock 
- Fishnet
- Psychedelic Sister
- Radium 
- Peace 
- Shattered 
- Haight 
- Bordello 
- Asphyxia
- Hijack 
- Bender 
- Mildew
- Kush
- Buck 
- Chase
- Baked 
- X 
- ABC Gum 
- Freelove 
- Sellout 
- Virgin
- Foxy 
- Polyester Bride 
- Vanilla
- Midnight Cowboy Rides Again 
- Naked
- Half Baked 
- Blunt 
- Snatch 
- Midnight Cowboy
- Verve 
- Midnight Cowgirl
- Maui Wowie 
- Zephyr

Phew! I'm pretty sure Urban Decay have now officially trumped every other cosmetic brand with this offering. In fact I challenge any other competitor to come close. Yes it is pricey but the Urban Decay eyeshadow formula is unbeatable and look at it this way you'd be set in eye choices for a long, long while.

Do I want it? You betcha. Can I afford it. Not so much!

You can swoon a little further and should you have bottomless pockets and live in the North America you can purchase it now via Sephora - link

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  1. Holy moly! Fab set but il stick to ordering the vice2 palette hehe
    Liza | Glambeautys | YouTube

  2. This will be top of my 'If I won the lottery' list!

    Megan x

  3. I couldn't afford it but if I ever won the lottery yes yes yes.x

  4. Wowzaaa!!! That is a fab set but theres no way on the planet I would spend almost $600 for a set of eyeshadows haha .. That's crazy!!

    Laura xx

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  6. Oh wow, that's amazing! I love Urban Decay's eye shadows but I don't think I could justify 1 or 2 month's worth of wages on makeup haha! xx

  7. Wow!! They sure know how to make you wanna part with a large sum of cash! I want this so bad now!

  8. Wow! Crazy expensive but a-mazing!!

  9. I am so so crossing my fingers for this to come to the UK. My bank account can't handle it but nonetheless, i hope it does :)

  10. OH MY GOSH! That is a monster of a set! I could never justify spending that amount on eyeshadows in one hit but if money was no object!!!

  11. oohhh myyyyy! this is unbelievable! I mean of course it's going to be expensive, it's over 60 eyeshadows but really looks incredible :)

    Ila x

  12. OMFG!!! As a massive UD fan, I would die if I got this for Christmas.... :) haha *dreaming*

  13. Oh my god! I think I just dribbled... :) Well if I win the lottery, and if it comes to these shores then I will definitely be buying it!

    Paula at Beauty Lover

  14. That's amazing! Where the hell would you store it though ha. If only we all had a few hundred quid to spare :)

  15. This looks so pretty! Would love to play around with it! <3


  16. Oh wow! I neeeedd!

    Hollie xo

  17. I need this in my life, right now.

  18. Holy cow! This is so amazing I am like foaming at the mouth right now (:

  19. Wow!!! This palette sounds incredible!

    Kimberley x

  20. I could look at this for hours - so many amazing shadows. Could you imagine owning this? How amazing would that be!?

  21. Hey! I've started a new beauty blog, I'd be grateful if you could check it out. Lots of love, sej xx …

  22. Wow! it looks amazing but the price!

  23. Whoa! I don't think I was a good enough girl for Santa to bring me that this year ;) Pretty impressive :)


  24. Wow! I think I could only justify the price, if I was a makeup artist!

  25. That is crazy, lol. I hear they're also releasing an eyeliner pencil set as well.

  26. THAT is the mother of all eyeshadow collections OMG

  27. OMG this is like the amazing - ness of the amazing - ness - ness LOVE LOVE LOVE

  28. * wipes drool * That is one amazing palatte ... no.. more of a briefcase of joy! Honestly? ... if this came to UK I think I'd HAVE to buy it. and look it even comes with a mini empty palatte for you to put your choices in to take with you for the day.

    The colours are gorgeous but I read that only 6 of them are mattes?

    either way... COME TO MAMA!


  29. Wowzers, that is a pallet and a half. Crazy what makeup lines come up with. Have you seen the new bodytalk video, with pixiwoo and british beauty blogger? If not you have to see it. Dior Golden have to check it out. You will love this!
    Jay xxx

  30. Oh my goodness! That looks absolutely mental! Where in the world are you supposed to keep all those eyeshaddows??

  31. If I could I would buy it but too expensive for me :)

  32. Just amazing but not in my price range...

  33. Oh my life I need this in my possession immediately...why is it so expensive??!!


  34. I honestly don't know who they think is going to buy something that expensive. It's amazing but for that kind of money, it's pure madness!

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  36. Just bought this for my fiancee it should be arriving tomorrow, she's ecstatic lol I don't understand it but it seems like a good deal for any professional MUA and now I have a super happy lady floating around the house lol

  37. Very expensive, still I can't stop thinking about it!


  38. OOOHH how lovely!!! i think if i were to ever win the lottery a great majority of the money would go on make up :p


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