Roses de Chloé Eau de Toilette

There is something forever special and alluring in regards to Chloé fragrances.
The brand manages to encapsulate the essence of femininity and appeal to all ages from the effortlessly glamorous bottles to the mild yet entrancing notes of each fragrance from the French fashion house.
In my opinion the brand is the epitome of French chic and the fragrance line is the perfect way to tap into such vibe without having to re-mortgage your home!

The newest Chloé fragrance is Roses de Chloé  Eau de Toilette which was created by master perfumer Michel Almairac in collaboration with Mylène Alran, Roses de Chloé was developed with bergamot notes in the top, joined by a heart of damascena rose essence and magnolia, and a trail of white musk and amber. Imagine a walk in a rose garden in a soft spring day and you will have the general idea. Roses de Chloé is a delicate, tender and slightly powdery scent that has a true rose essence and yet still reminds me of the original Chloé fragrance.

I simply had to share the visually stunning promotional video for Roses de Chloé. The artistic piece, directed by the French choreographers I Could Never Be a Dancer, reveals Chloé’s unique interpretation of the rose. French electro artist Jackson and His Computer Band signs the soundtrack.

Roses de Chloé  Eau de Toilette * £52-£64 via John Lewis - link
* PR sample sent for consideration of review.