Just a friendly heads up that RiRi ♥ M.A.C Fall is now online via Debenhams (free delivery) opposed to Selfridges, House of Fraser and of course the MAC site.

So far (7.30 am as I type this) the only things sold out are one of the lipsticks (Nude) and the RiRi Woo lip liner everything else is still in stock.
Should you want either of the sold out items I would think they will hit the MAC website around 12pm as a soft launch (no advertising, you will have to manually sift through the categories and find them etc) and about 1pm for the full launch.

Do keep in mind that RiRi ♥ M.A.C Fall is also going on counters today and will of course be avaliable on every MAC stockist site (Selfridges, House of Fraser, Debenhams) so you shouldn't have too much of a problem nabbing the items you fancy.

Find it/ buy it now via Debenhams - link