Right Guard Shower + Range

Ask me what my least favourite thing ever is in the world and I will forever answer the sound of my alarm blaring each morning. I don't know about you but I would sacrifice just about anything for an extra 10 minutes of shut eye, especially now that the weather is bleak. Shall I share my morning routine? Yes I think I will even if it is just to garner a little sympathy ha!

At 6.30am each weekday morning that pesky alarm of mine rings and more often or not gets thrown against the wall or some hard surface. Is there an uglier sound I think not? I then half heartedly flop out of bed and shuffle through to feed the cats and then cater to what ever wonderful (sense the sarcasm) whim they may have. Next it is breakfast time I would love to lie and say that it is a hearty meal of oatmeal and fruit but by now you should know that just isn't how I roll. I'm a straight up kid when it comes to the most important meal of the day - a bowl of Rice Krispies, a glass of orange juice and cartoons a plenty. 

Right Guard Shower + Range

Of course then I have to shower, wash my hair, dry my hair, get dressed and then head into the city centre all by 9am each morning which is easier said than done. It really is no wonder than most women in the UK complain of being time starved each morning - there's always something last minute that has to be done and more often than not something has to give. For the sake of your fellow commuters don't let it be your morning shower, nobody likes a stinky Sue or Steve for that matter.

Who honestly has time to faff around with body lotion, butters or creams in the morning? Not me but I have found that now the weather is cooler and there is a higher need for central heating (Scotland is forever chilly) that my skin is drier and does need something more than your typical shower gel. Step right up the new Right Guard range of shower gels which not only smell utterly divine (I spend more time sniffing these shower gels than I do washing...so much for being stuck for time!) but contain a little something extra in each formulation. 

Right Guard Shower + Range

First you pick the shower gel which suits your skins needs, there is Right Guard Shower and Nutrients with Acai Berry for Normal Skin (it quite literally smells like black forest gateaux without the calories and if this doesn't get you out of bed in the morning nothing will) which contains 7 nutrients and vitamins to lightly cocoon your skin with moisture all the while cleansing. For dull skin we have my personal favourite Right Guard Shower + Oils which contains not only Argan oil but also Marula and Almond oil. This is the formula that I struggled to believe was only £1 - it truly does smell and act like a pricey shower oil and will leave the dullest of skins glowing. Last but not least we have the fruity little number that is Right Guard Shower + Lotion which has a bright and uplifting Pomegranate fragrance . A shower cream and body lotion in one! Yes really! Simply wash as normal and this product will not only leave your skin squeaky clean, beautifully fragranced but also moisturised and nourished. It simply is genius and although my skin is fairly normal this is the shower product I take to the gym with me as my skin feels amazing after each wash and let's face it when in a hurry anything that effectively cuts corners can only be a good thing!

You can find the new Right Guard Shower products via Tesco - link for £1 each (offer ends 11th November) and of course like the UK Right Guard page to keep up to date - link.

- This is a sponsored post.