Redken Extreme Collection

I am currently on a heat ban when it comes to my hair which means lots of nourishing hair treats as well as rocking frizzy hair that is currently scraped up into a top knot. I do feel a little blah and lacking the support of my comfort blanket or should that be shield of hair. Anyway the reason for such extremes is due to my goal of having super blonde hair which has left my once glossy locks are now dried out. Many a fellow blonde with dried out tresses recommend giving the Redken Extreme hair care line a go most notably the Redken Anti-Snap Leave in Treatment. However at over £60 to purchase the range in full size I decided that perhaps the best route to take would be to plump for the mini set which is a snip at £4.60.

Basically the Redken Extreme collective has been created to restore damaged hair be it from heat, colour, negligence or all of the above. I will be brutally honest and say that the Redken Extreme shampoo is little more than a gentle shampoo and you would garner the same mild lather and results from the likes of a baby shampoo which of course in full size would be marginally cheaper. However having said that I do highly rate the Redken Extreme Conditioner and fully recommend Redken Anti-Snap. Why? Nothing has quite smoothed and replenished my dried out hair like it and yes it is fairly pricey but worth every penny.

The conditioner which is not the intensive version dentangles the hair (dried out hair tends to tangle much easier doesn't it?), strengthens the hair as well as protecting against future damage. I wil not pretend for one moment that I fully understand the science behind it but it does work: 

"18-MEA helps restore the lipid layer of protection and resurfaces the cuticle to help restore shine while amino acids and protein enter the cuticle for targeted structural repair. Together, IPN and the Fortifying Complex deliver Redken Extreme's advanced strengthening benefits for healthier, shinier hair."

Yep genius I am not but I can vouch that from the first wash my hair was not only softer to the touch but also in appearance, it combs much easier and I have no doubt that with continued use it will add strength to the damaged ends.

Ah the elusive Redken Anti-Snap is it as good as the masses claim? Yes, yes it really is a one step leave in conditioner of sorts that helps act as a barrier to prevent hair snapping when being combed, has a built in heat defence and also protects against future breakage and split ends. In a word it is utterly genius and so simple to use considering all it does for the hair. Simply apply to fragile areas of the hair (I apply to the mid-lengths down to my very ends) after each wash and reap the benefits. Anyone who bleaches their hair or subjects it to the torture of daily heat simply must add this to their hair care routine.

You can find the mini Redken Extreme Travel Kit for £4.60 via Feel Unique - link
and of course the full sized versions there too.