Products I Love to Hate

We all have a few products that we use yet don't fully love be it a quality or price issue and still we continue to purchase them. Why? Goodness knows you would be quicker solving the what came first, the chicken or the egg conundrum. 

First up we have a polish but not any old polish. This polish is the blue to end all blues and the shade I would permanently have on my nails should it wear a little longer than say five minutes. I am of course talking about Nails Inc Baker St, a beautiful bright cobalt blue that is seasonally appropriate all year around, flattering and generally just a stunning said. All praise aside for the hue and I have to mention that the quality simply isn't there - it chips like no other and at £12 a bottle that simply is not acceptable and yet I live in a dream world that leads me to believe that one day I will stumble across a top coat that will allow this shade to live out it's prophecy of the best nail polish ever. Delusional? Yes. Oh yes.

For a girl that is more than satisfied with a Happy Meal from Mcdonalds on date night I have expensive taste when it comes to fragrance. As many will know my signature scent is of course Alien by Thierry Mugler. A deep, complex and totally unique fragrance that tends to divide most into tow camps - love or hate. For me it was always love, unbridled deep passionate love (enthusiastic is my middle name) but the £67 price tag doesn't half dent the ol' bank balance. Saying that I don't think I could ever be parted from Alien...ever!

While we are on the topic of pricey scented goods another that has a firm grip and a death hold on my bank card is the beauty bloggers candle of choice Diptyque Figulier. Again it kills me a little when I have to part with the cash all to often at my local Space.NK counter yet those feelings of angst quickly vanish as soon as I light this baby. A light, fruity yet muted, comforting and familiar scent all rolled into one that seems to capture Autumn rather well. I will admit that the Feu de Bois fragrance is currently calling my name. Diptyque you are a cruel temptress.

Last but not least we have Estee Lauders Advanced Skin Repair II - I curse the day or eve for that matter that I slapped this on my face with gay abandon. Why well first of all on that fateful night I applied enough for at least two applications and two I would have been able to prevent this love affair from ever happening. No serum has ever brightened, soothed, softened and generally improved my skin like this let alone the time frame that the change occurred. At £65 a bottle I am pretty stingy when it comes to application but should I skip a night without this product I feel like I have committed a cardinal skin care sin. Forget a genie in a bottle this is way only if I could conjure up a lift time supply I'd be one happy lady.

Basically I need to win the lottery and just accept that sometimes you get what you pay for and in other cases we make exceptions because it is so aesthetically beautifully *cough cough* Nails Inc *cough cough*.

What products make it on to your "Products I Love to Hate" list?