Miller Harris Rose en Noir Eau de Parfum

At long last I feel I have discovered a rose scent that will appeal to all and by all I mean that this is one of the few rose based fragrances that those who typically disapprove of such note will enjoy.
Ladies and gentlemen without further ado let me be the one to introduce you to Miller Harris Rose en Noir.

How can I sum up Miller Harris Rose en Noir Eau de Parfum?
First of all it is not in the slightest your typical powder based rose fragrance oh no it is far more complex than that. It is deep, sensual and reminds me a lot of Viktor and Rolf Flower Bomb only with more depth and dare I say it kick. By kick I mean that Miller Harris Rose en Noir is unexpected - when you first mist it on you expect a strong rose scent but instead you are greeted with a warm blend of dark notes which include Turkish Rose Damascena, black pepper, violet leaf, and unexpectedly cumin, coriander and petigrain.

In my opinion Miller Harris Rose en Noir Eau de Parfum is a great floral option for not only the evening but the darker, cooler months of Autumn and Winter too. Rose en Noir conjures images of night fall, velvet and the crispness of the cold evening air (vivid imagination much Adrienne?). This fragrance is by no means light and airy rather it is powerful, seductive and to some extent commanding not to mention long lasting. One quick mist lasts all day (at least on my skin) without being overpowering. If you are a fan of deeper scents like Alien, Angel and Tom Ford's Black Orchid this is one I can imagine you will want to add to your collection.

Miller Harris Rose en Noir Eau de Parfum * 50ml/£65 via Selfridges - link
* PR sample sent for consideration of review.