MAC Punk Couture Collection Dec 2013

If you are a fan of deep, vampy make-up looks be it lipstick, eyeshadow or more then you will want to follow this Specktra thread - link with baited breath as MAC Punk Couture is set to return later this year. 

The collection is said to feature three loose pigments (one of which is green), three nail polishes, four lipsticks all of which are matte, three lipglasses and one dark eyeshadow qaud.

I have spent the best part of the afternoon trawling through the images on that thread and have to say that the lipsticks look truly amazing - there is a matte black, a red that is so dark it is almost black and the most divine dark velvet purple lipstick shade I have ever laid eyes on. No this collection won't be for everyone but I for one will be eagerly awaiting more images, the colour story and of course the launch of this collection.

Dare I say it? Yes I will it is probably the sexiest MAC collection to date. Oh la la.

I do find it a little odd that they would launch it so late on in the year (late December for North America and January for the UK) as most of us tend to favour deep shades of this nature for A/W by the time January rolls around most of us have our sights set on Spring? Regardless it is one to watch out for...