MAC Huggable Lip Colour

Image Credit Andi Was Like

More new MAC Lipsticks?
Yes really and this January no less but going by Specktra they are set to be a treat, although limited edition the formula is set to be promising. They are meant to be some what similar to MAC Sheen Supreme formula only with more pigmentation, fuller coverage and a gel based formula. Essentially they are being hailed as the perfect hybrid lipstick - full opaque coverage that is glossy yet not overly soft so that it wears for up to six hours and is conditioning at the same time. I've got to say it sounds promising and although online swatches are very few and far between the descriptions do seem to be every day muted lip options.

MAC Huggable Lip Colour Shades:
Commotion - Deep cool plum cream
Red Necessity - Deep warm wine cream
What A Feeling! - Mid tone cool pink cream
Feeling Amorous? - Mid tone fuchsia cream
Love Bean - Mid tone warm pink cream
Out For Passion - Soft warm rose cream
Touche - Light beige cream
Fresh & Frisky - Soft neutral peach cream
Cherry Glaze - Orange red cream
Fashion Force - Cool coral cream
Rich Maroon - Mid tone chestnut cream
Rusty - Deep auburn

Asia Exclusives 
Extra Sweet - Soft pink cream
Sweet Creation - Soft yellow peach

Information credit to Specktra - link