L'Oreal Subway Vending Machines

L'Oreal have upped the beauty game once more and come the 30th of December those who happen to live in New York and use the Bryant Park Subway Station can experience the L'Oreal Intelligent Color Experience Vending Machine. 

Basically the L'Oreal vending machine works some what similar to the Intelligent Color Experience app that launched earlier this year only it is a little more sophisticated. First you walk up to a mirror (see image above), which scans your current clothing and then like pure sorcery on a screen in front of your very eyes L'Oreal's technology will provide shade choices of make-up for your eyes, lips and nails. You can opt for a matchy, matchy look or an all out clash and then pick and choose which items you wish to purchase. Genius. It would be even more genius if you could just pick certain items. i.e shop for a new mascara or replace that lipstick you left at home but simply need to survive the day.

It really is a cool and dare I say it novel invention. Would I use it should they ever hit the UK? Probably once just to satisfy my curiosity and that would be it but you can't fault L'Oreal for upping the beauty game and bringing the ladies of NYC a little morning fun and glamour. 

My one question would have to be how often will it be restocked? Nothing more annoying than a half full vending machine...maybe that is my belly doing the talking!