Laduree Scented Candles

File this under good enough to eat!

I can not in good faith call myself a candle junkie when up until now I had no idea that Laduree (yep of macaroon fame) produced scrumptious candles some of which are based on their best selling sweet deserts. Truthfully I have always admired the ever famous Laduree Macaroons and even been lucky enough to taste them but as I dislike all Macaroons such pastel shaded treat have been wasted on me...well until this discovery.

Laduree Scented Candles

"Founded in 1862 in Paris’ Rue Royale by Louis Ernest Laduree, Laduree quickly became famous for its beautiful Tea Houses. Over time, they have become renowned as the Louis Vuitton of pastries and are best-known for their heavenly macaroons. Laduree have now extended their repertoire to incorporate the highly desirable Secrets and Beauty line of exquisite Gift products."

Imagine scenting your home with the likes of Laduree Marroons Glace which is described as "round, tasty and smooth sweetness of glazed chestnuts" Yum! Or there is the Chocolat Orange variant which needs no description or for those like myself who can never quite make up their mind there is mini kits which include two or three candles. Forget Diptyque I want my home to smell like a French tea house! It also pleases me greatly that all of the candles are beautifully presented as it means I can recycle the jars as brush holders once the burn out.

I warn you now the Laduree Candles are far from cheap with prices starting at £54 so you may want to begin sweet talking Santa and be on your best behaviour. 
You can find them here (UK) - link