Men Beauty Standards

Nope I'm not talking about the beer goggle effect or the whole "why do you only call me when you're high" situation (see I'm still down with the kids!) but male beauty and grooming products.
While showering in my grandparents home I noticed a bottle of Old Spice Shower Gel and it claimed to provide up to "7 hours of fragrance" to which I openly scoffed and uttered (in-between chorus' of whatever ditty I was shower singing of course) "is that all?".

Think about it how many female aimed products have such simple claims?
None! Our shower products all claim to be infused with some elusive oil that has been gathered by a stream that is only accessible by donkey trail as well as being beautifully scented and promising to quickly turn you into a supermodel. Okay not quite but I can almost guarantee that it will promise more than just seven hours of fragrance, that's for sure! Seven hours of measly fragrance? Pfft don't insult me or my showering needs.

I jest of course but it doesn't just occur with shower gels take shaving foams, now I won't name the brand but their female offering advertises a sensual experience that exotically fragranced that will allow the blade to glide over the skin, moisturise, soothe and prevent cuts, razor burn and on some bottles even reduce the rate of hair re-growth. The male version simply states that it will help the razor glide over the skin and prevent cuts. 

So I ask you have we and by that I mean those of the female persuasion became so fussy that we don't just want a hand soap, we demand an all singing and all dancing version or is it that we are more gullible to marketing? If you are a male reader do you want more from your products or is back to basics the best route?