Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Carex Now Do Handcreams!

Carex Hand Creams

Carex Hand Creams
Carex Hand Creams

Okay prepare to judge me...

I am a little germ-a-phobic and it is totally irrational but I will share my quirks none the less even if they make next to no sense. I won't drink out of glass if someone has touched the top rim and always request a straw in restaurants and will try and order food that I can eat with my hands to avoid cutlery. I avoid public toilets like the plague. I won't go into swimming pools and when visiting a hotel I will pop to the shop to purchase bleach so I can cleanse the bath, toilet and sink . I have no idea why I do these things and I have got better at one point I wouldn't touch door handles and would take my own linens away with me on holiday. Neurotic that is me, so it will come as little surprise that I am a huge fan of hand sanitising products and always have numerous hand gels in my bag and anti-bacterial soap is at every sink in my house hold which is more often than not Carex (hello Poundshop deals ha!).

Well germ-a-phobe's and fans of a good head cream rejoice as Carex have just launched two new antibacterial hand creams. Each have been created to be light, highly moisturising without being greasy and offer an anti-bacterial action. As mentioned there is two variations to choose from: Carex Nourish and Protect which contains Vitamin E and Hydrate and Protect which features Aloe Vera. Truthfully I have tested out both and other than the scent there is next to no difference - if you prefer a fresh scent go for Hydrate and Protect and of you are a fan of a clean, more traditional fragrance go for Nourish and Protect.

At 75ml each they are the perfect size for popping in your handbag for daily use and having used them for a good few days I can happily say that they live up to expectations. They moisturise the hands quickly with no effort and a light silky texture, melt into the skin instantly leaving behind no residue, smell pleasant and of course kill germs. They get a huge thumbs up from me and being Carex they are pretty well priced at around £2 a tube!

You can find the Carex Hand Creams* in all good Supermarkets, Boots and Superdrug now.

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  1. Your hilair, I'm a bit of a germaphobe also so I need to get me some of this!
    Liza | Glambeautys | YouTube

  2. These looks good! I think Nivea or someone do something similar to this. x

  3. hi!! i reallylove your blog! i have a fashion blog too. Please check it in

  4. Ooo I like the sound of these! Think I'll be trying them out in future. :D

  5. I like the thought of these, antibacterial and moisturising!
    I'm also a germophobe haha.

    Katrina xx

  6. I'm not quite as germaphobic i can get quite close at times. I also get very dry skin on my hands meaning I have to avoid most hand sanitisers so a hand cream with hand sanitiser built-in is perfect for me! Thanks for introducing me to this product.


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