Sunday, October 27, 2013

Bomb Cosmetics Christmas Offerings

Bomb Cosmetics Christmas

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I was kindly sent two of the new Bomb Cosmetics Christmas bath bombs from Coal Harbour to put to the test so I gave one to my sister and tried out one for myself.
First of all can I just comment on how beautifully decorated the Bomb Cosmetics products are, as you can see a lot of thought and effort has gone into each product and it truly shows. I imagine that they would make wonderful stocking stuffers and are a snip at £2.29 each!

Bomb Cosmetics Christmas

I prefer sweet fragrances so the Bomb Cosmetics Holly Dolly bath bomb was right up my street. The Holly Dolly is so much more than your typical bath fizzer the top includes a lather of soap and guess what the leaves are also a gentle soap too! Taking a slightly modern spin on a Christmas fragrance this product includes notes of pure orange and black pepper both of which are essential oils for an enlivening, rich yet festive fragrance. As mentioned I like sweet scents and this is accomplished with berry and grape accents - it almost has a candy type kick and is not at all sickly sweet. Once added to the warm water it of course fizzed around fragrancing and softening the water and was perfect for an evening bath as it left me feeling pampered and relaxed! Find it here - link.

Bomb Cosmetics Christmas

The other bath time delight I was sent was the Gingerbread Trees bath bomb which wins hands down in the look department! Seriously have you ever seen anything more detailed? It almost seems a shame to add the little decorated green tree with all its finery to a bath. With a title like Gingerbread Trees as you can imagine it has a slightly spicy fragrance that does remind me of the sweet treat of the same name. This is kept from being sickly sweet with notes of lemon, strawberry and pineapple highlight a spicy with a naughty alcoholic melange of rum, ginger, cinnamon, clove and nutmeg, rounded off by luscious caramel and creamy balsam. Doesn't that sound good enough to eat? Yum! Much like my experience my sister reported that it beautifully fragranced not only the water but also the entire room and said that although the little stars were annoying to clean up afterwards she would purchase this for Christmas eve! Find it here - link.

Both products were sent for consideration of review from Coal Harbour. 
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  1. These sound amazing! I can't wait to stock up on a couple of them, festive bath treats - you can't get any better!! x

  2. These sound so nice! Might have to have a little purchase!

    Hannah Heartss

  3. I desperately want to try both of these now as they both have hints of scents that I'd like! Love how they're designed and are really reasonably priced too!
    Rebecca-Louise: Autumn Leaves - UK Beauty Blog

  4. I've never tried bomb cosmetics but I always really admire how much effort goes into their image
    Megan x | MeganRoisinn

  5. I like the bath bomb with the holly on top. I never get a chance to try out bath bombs, having only a shower in my flat :( I'm always bowled over by their pretty little designs.

    Laura xx

    P.s. Im hosting a Michael Kors watch giveaway on my blog today

  6. Thanks for sharing this ... I love BOMB COSMETICS ... but we don't always get the full range here in Dubai... :)

  7. Gingerbread Trees sounds right up my street! Think I'll be investing in some of these, as while I love Lush I can't afford any of their Christmas range yet, but these sound just about right at the moment, money wise. :P

  8. They look amazing.. possible dupes for LUSH bombs at that price :D

  9. They sound amazing!! I'm looking forward to a Lush Halloween one tomorrow night. :-) I can't believe these aren't Lush! They look just like Lush's products.

    I just hate cleaning the glitter up. If only there was a glitter fairy to clean it up for me!

    A Girl

  10. These look amazing, i love the Christmas collection. These are such good value too, would be great for christmas presents.



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