The furthest I have ever been is the good ol' US of A and of course the yearly jaunt to Spain but for a woman in her mid twenties I am not at all well traveled and this is of course something that I aim to be before I settle down in the coming years. 

Places that differ from my daily grind appeal to me the most and after watching a documentary all about Malaysia and Singapore both destinations have since topped my list of places to see before I turn 30!
If I manage to save enough to go I will be flying with Malaysia Airlines which is the best choice in my opinion if you like to travel in style or like myself tend to over pack as they offer an impressive luggage allowance: 30kg for economy class, 40kg for business class and 50kg for first class. Yep I think the 50kg will be quite enough for my shopping…I kid. 

Why I hear you cry? Other than why the heck not, they are some of the most beautiful places on earth - take for instance the glorious Batu Caves that is not something you get to see in gloomy Glasgow not to mention the limestone that forms the caves is believed to be 400 million years old! Should I ever visit I would take an entire day to myself and just wander around aimless exploring all the various caves and taking as many photos as my camera could handle. I've also read that the Batu Caves are center to a rock climbing development but I don’t think I’m quite brave enough to do that.

If views of the city are your thing then it seems you simply must visit the Petronas Towers located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia which happened to be the tallest buildings in the world from 1998 to 2004 and still hold the accolade for the tallest twin buildings in the world! I can only imagine that being at the very top of either of the buildings must feel like you are sitting on top of the world and of course the views will be nothing short of breathtaking. You can actually walk across the bridge which joins the two towers which nestles between the two buildings at a mind blowing 170 meters from ground level.

Now all adrenaline junkies really should bookmark Singapore for their next trip abroad as they have some of the coolest and original theme parks in the world! Take for instance Universal Studios Singapore which has seven zones that are brilliantly created with all the best rides and a mini New York City. Personally I would be rushing to the Lost World sectors which are of course based on the Spielberg films but it features some of the best white knuckle rides and technology to boot.

If you do visit Malaysia you simply can not pass up the opportunity to visit Taman Negara (“national park” in Malay) which is one of the oldest tropical rain forests within the world. Here you will find waterfalls, beautiful scenery and for those who like to explore you can participate within a jungle treks which involves walking along the world’s longest canopy walkways. Taman Negara is a must for animal lovers as it is a safe haven for endangered species such as the elephant, tigers, leopards and rhinos.

Speaking of wildlife and the rain forest a must visit in my opinion within Malaysia is Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Center which again is a safe haven for endangered species but this center specifically caters to rescued orphaned baby orangutans. Here the orphaned orangutans are coached and trained to survive within in the wild. 

However of you are looking for something a little more relaxing then I am told that one of the must see attractions has to be Underwater World which is a huge aquarium boasting more than 2,500 marine animals of 250 species from different regions of the world. As insane as it may sound if I visited the Underwater World Aquarium top of my list of things to do would be to dive with sharks, scary you bet but a once in a lifetime opportunity! 

An impressive destination requires a more than impressive airline like Malaysia Airlines itself has also won the World’s Best Cabin Staff title from the UK based Skytrax seven of the past 11 years so you know you are in great hands. Also despite being a more exotic location compared to the typical European jaunts I go on Malaysia Airlines offers daily flights to Singapore and other South Eastern destinations so you can travel when best suits you. 

Do you now have the sudden urge to visit Singapore or Malaysia? 

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Please note that this is a sponsored post.