Coconut Oil Hair Mask

It's cheap, cheerful, natural (assuming you use pure coconut oil of course), cruelty free and easy, what's not to love about a good old fashioned Coconut Oil Hair Mask?
Due to bleaching my hair since I was 15 (maybe even younger) I am unsurprisingly prone to dry hair and it wasn't until I visited my local Afro Caribbean Hair Shop for some hair extensions that one of the ladies suggested that I whack on some Coconut Oil every now and then, the rest my friends is history.

To elaborate a little further as "whack" is pretty vague, you can use Coconut Oil how you would with any other hair oil or hair mask for that matter. If you have rather fine or are prone to oily roots you may want to use this a pre-shampoo treatment - massage the Coconut Oil all over the scalp before working into the entire lengths of the hair, leave as long as you can bear before shampooing out. For those with dry hair like myself you may find it more beneficial to apply where needed after shampooing the hair, wrap up in a towel and again wait it out until you can take no more before rinsing and following up with your usual conditioner. I tend to apply Coconut Oil once a week, more so in the summer when the sun has had its wicked way with my hair but of course no-one will know your hair needs better than yourself so play it by ear.

So why use Coconut Oil instead of other deep conditioning oils or masques? It is 100% natural and free from 100% natural free of silicone's, alcohols, and other chemicals (even more so should you opt for an organic brand), as it is naturally high in saturated fat there is no need to add presevatives making it safest for even the most sensitive skins/scalps. Of course it works well for repairing damaged hair including heat damaged locks but did you know that Coconut oil is also a natural meaning it can keep dandruff at bay as well as soothing an itchy scalp.

As a heads up (no pun intended) don't unless it is on some amazing offer purchase your Coconut Oil from a health shop it is vastly over priced - instead haul ass to your local Afro Caribbean market/shop and stock up there. It literally is pennies! 

Random Fact - Around ten million families make their entire income from growing coconuts.