Suki Eye Repair Balm

Suki Eye Repair Balm
Suki Eye Repair Balm

I'm guilty of rubbing and touching the delicate eye area, I know that rubbing is detrimental and will more than likely cause fine lines which will evolve into wrinkles in later life but I just can't help it!
In the hope of counteracting any damage I inflict daily to such area I am vigilant with eye creams and my recent find is the Suki Eye Lift Cellular Renewal .

If you are on the look out for an intensive yet delicate treatment for the eye area you are in luck as Suki Eye Lift Cellular Renewal  is suitable for all skin types even sensitive eyes, is vegan friendly and of course cruelty free. This balm which feels more like a mousse is formulated with beta carotene, pro-vitamin a (carrot extracts) - both are used used for their antioxidant properties, the ability to protect the skin from sun damage and their ability to help even the skin tone (think dark circles). Omega oils to reduce puffiness and redness, fatty acids (evening primrose) to heal broken skin and again as an inflammatory. Lastly we have polyphenols (grapeseed) which is used to antioxidant but with a difference it can prevent the pores from clogging. This combination of ingredients when used regularly it can help to reduce visible lines and wrinkles (prevention in the best cure), nourish the skin, helps to prevent loss of firmness and moisture.

As this is a balm it is thicker than your usual eye cream offering but due to the whipped almost mousse like texture it feels light once applied and is fairly quickly absorbed. I do warn that it is slightly greasy but as it is only applied to a small area I don't see that being a problem for most. In my experience this is a great all in one eye cream - it hydrates, it soothes and softens as well as reducing both redness and any signs of puffiness coupled with anti-ageing benefits. However I would like to have seen it brighten and help reduce dark circles a little better so I could use only this and not have to combine it with another eye product for such needs but hey you can't have it all!

Suki Eye Lift Cellular Renewal * £53/15ml via Naturisimo - link
* PR sample sent for consideration of review

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