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Philosophy Miracle Worker Anti-Ageing Retinoid Eye Repair Review

Philosophy Miracle Worker Anti-Ageing Retinoid Eye Repair
Philosophy Miracle Worker Anti-Ageing Retinoid Eye Repair
Philosophy Miracle Worker Anti-Ageing Retinoid Eye Repair

My under eye area in the past has really got me down, now it is not wrinkled (yet) but it is the one area that seems to dry out rather quickly and frankly looks crap should I use an under eye powder. However should I skip under eye powder my mascara will smudge all over my face...catch 22 eh!
Okay slight exaggeration but it is beyond irritating but fear not ladies I have stumbled across an eye cream that will not only inject some anti ageing qualities onto the delicate under eye area, moisturise and prime the area in one quick step, let me be the one to introduce you to Philosophy Miracle Worker Anti-Ageing Retinoid Eye Repair.

Let me chat a little about the texture of this eye product as the texture is very different from the majority of lotions and potions I have used in the past as far as a skincare product goes as it is a thick, silky balm that feels very akin to Benefit's Porefessional and that is due to the silicone properties Philosophy Miracle Worker Anti-Ageing Retinoid Eye Repair contains. Admittedly silicones are not for everyone and some will experience an adverse reaction but for skins that don't find them an irritant the silicone properties in this eye repair are great as not only do they hydrate fairly intensively but it acts like a primer smoothing out the under eye area. As a result any product applied on top doesn't tend to crease and gone is that annoying creepy texture I experienced in the past when setting my under eye make-up with a powder. For this reason alone this is my morning under eye cream as it primes without being greasy and quickly absorbs making it perfect for combining with make-up!

Silicones aside this also contains Retinol which is essentially a form of Vitamin A and when used in skincare it can help reduce and repair the appearance of fine lines and promote the natural process of collagen production which in turn can result in firmer, plumper skin with continued use. Philosophy Miracle Worker Anti-Ageing Retinoid Eye Repair also contains a high concentrate of Vitamin C which again can help to aid in collagen production process and improve skin elasticity. The other notable ingredient is barium sulfate which is a whitening agent used fairly often in cosmetics it won't whiten the skin as such rather it is used to brighten the skin in this case it has most likely be included to reduce dark circles and brighten on the short term neither of which I have found to be true thus far.

No Philosophy Miracle Worker Anti-Ageing Retinoid Eye Repair won't reduce bags or even fade dark circles but it will smooth the under eye area and help defend against signs of ageing as well as repairing in the long term. All that aside I have not found any eye product of this type to work quite as well with make-up (particularly concealer and powder to preventing it from caking) as this does and for that reason alone it gets a huge thumbs up!

Philosophy Miracle Worker Anti-Ageing Retinoid Eye Repair* £32/15ml via John Lewis - link
* PR sample sent for consideration of review.

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  1. I'm just starting to experience fine lines around my eyes, so you've definitely piqued my interest with this. Thanks for the review! xo


  2. Im loving eye products at the moment! Thanks for sharing!


  3. thank you! nars works good too!

  4. This is such a great review :)



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