Thursday, August 15, 2013

It's All About the Pre-Cleanse!

ARK Pre Skin Cleanser

For me skin care has to be simple or frankly I will not stick to it, a few faithful products and I'm good to go. One step that needed a little work was the pre-cleanse stage, some swear by Micellar Waters and I will admit to dabbling with such liquids namely Bioderma but I was never blown away, it mostly left my skin feeling tight and the longer I used it the more I realised it really wasn't all that efficient at cleansing, even as a pre-cleanse.

I know a pre-cleanse isn't for everyone and that is totally fine but as someone who wears a substantial amount of make-up on a daily basis I have found it to be a crucial step in ensuring I remove every little scrap of make-up. In my opinion you don't need two separate cleansers but if you do decide to add the pre-cleanse step to your skin care routine I suggest skipping Micellar waters in favour of ARK's Pre Skin Cleanser. This light liquid is applied to dry skin and instantly melts off dirt, grime, make-up and even waterproof mascara. It is gentle, quick acting and includes natural ingredients such as Grape seed, Avocado and Kiwi Oil deeply nourish skin and protect against dryness, Margosa Leaf Extract to destroy bacteria and Zi Cao is an Ayurvedic herb, which can help to sooth sensitive skin.

For me this is the perfect product for a quick cleanse to take off the days make-up - it really is quick acting thanks to the multi-fruit lipid blend which pretty much every dissolves every little scrap of daily grime, excess sebum and make-up in a few seconds. I do of course follow up with my regular cleanser in the evening just before bed to ensure that my skin in completely cleansed - heavy foundation can be an utter pain in the neck to remove in it's entirety as many will know. At £24 it isn't cheap by any means but it does do exactly what it claims too without drying out the skin and without the need for a lot of product - one small pump is all I ever use and it is more than sufficient to cleanse my full face and neck. I have had the same bottle for over a month which has been used daily and I have only used under 1/3 of the bottle.

It's time to ditch the Micellar Waters in favour of ARK Pre Skin Cleanser, 
your skin and pocket will thank you!

 ARK Pre Skin Cleanser* £24/125ml via ARK -link
* PR Sample sent for consideration of review.

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  1. I feel the same way about micellar waters, ive tried a few and its so true they literally leave the skin so tight, and have always brought me out as i think they must have some sort of alcohol in them!

    Lovely blog, would you like to follow me back?

    Frankie xXx

  2. I normally just need to remove my eye makeup, liner, mascara and brow makeup- the toughest stuff to remove before actually washing my face. I usually just use a makeup remover wipe on this area and then use my regular cleanser. This seems to work best for me.

  3. I'm lucky Bioderma doesn't dry out my skin, put I've never thought of using a pre-cleanser. Thanks for sharing!

  4. This sounds a good idea - I often worry that one cleanse won't both remove makeup AND cleanse my skin...


  5. I like the idea of this, definitely going to think about trying it out, been wanting something a bit like this recently! x


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