EOS Honeydew Melon Lip Balm

With the EOS Lip Balms!
Lord knows I've tried, from purchasing every flavour/scent over the last few years in the hope that one will agree with my lips, to applying in various ways including dabbing it on and mixing with other products and so far zilch. To the credit of EOS (Evolution of Smooth) their lip balms are 100% natural and 95% Organic which is impressive feat no matter how you look at it but something in the ingredient line up does seem to irritate my lips resulting in a red angry rash each and every time I trial the little ping pong shaped lip balms.

Like many lip balm collectives there is several flavours and types to choose from including pure moisture, medicated and a version with an SPF15 each of which are packed with antioxidant-rich vitamin E, soothing shea butter and jojoba oil to help keep the lips hydrated, soft and of course smooth. For what it is worth this is indeed true, even in my case. Well at least for the first couple of hours anyway and then my lips begin to sting, swell and the next day they crack and look angrier than a Scot with sunburn. Annoying as they happen to be one of the few formula's currently available that are free from Paraben,Petrolatum, and Phthalates not to mention the presentation of the balms are rather cute and compact.

In my opinion the EOS formula is a little drier than some other lip balms I have used in the past and as a result is not one you can really layer on without it caking on the lips. It can tug a little which may not be ideal for cracked or chapped lips, for every day moisture yes but I would perhaps look for something softer come the winter months. The above photographed balm is the Honeydew Melon version which smells a little like melon crossed with cucumber - it is a really fresh and lovely scent. I wish I had purchased the hand cream in such fragrance!

My sister swears by the EOS Lip Balms as do many others so I would try them out despite my experience and the good news is that they can be found in the UK via Naturisimo from £4.99 with free delivery - link
and of course via Ulta for $3.49 - link

Random Fact - Peanuts are one of the ingredients of dynamite.