If you thought all Escada scents were fruity and similar to the likes of Rockin' Rio I'm here to tell you that you are dead wrong brother. It's okay I made the same mistake up until I tested out Especially Escada Elixir which in my opinion is a step out from the norm for Escada fragrances. 

Especially Escada Elixir is grown up yet has the same flirty essence you may associate to the brand, the packaging is again different and reminds me of the likes of Gucci, Versace et al. This fragrance is in fact a newer version of the original Especially Escada which I have not tested but from what I have gathered the essence of the scent is similar with the elixir being a more intense and longer wearing edition.

Personally I Especially Escada Elixir to share the same sweet almost fruity floral notes as Marc Jacobs Daisy only less heady. This fragrance includes notes of pear and grapefruit at the helm hence the slightly fruity vibe. The heart are constructed of Turkish rose absolut, ylang-ylang, accords of prune and fresh plums which work surprisingly well with the fruity additions, l can personally detect the rose note as soon as the scent settles but it is noway overwhelming. The base is a concoction of patchouli, white musk, dry amber, cashmere and Madagascar vanilla which adds a sweet yet lingering fragrance without every being powdery of musky.

In a word I adore it and encourage all those who have yet to jump aboard the Escada fragrance train to try this one out as it may change your view on their offerings forever.

Especially Escada Elixir EDP* £34/£48/£75 (30ml/50ml/75ml) via Escentual - link
* PR Sample sent for consideration of review.

Random Fact - Escada was founded by Margaretha and Wolfgang Ley in 1978 in Munich.