Dove Nourishing Oil Care Hair Care

My shampoo bottle burst and has been decanted into various bottles, hence the two conditioners in the photo.

After seeing both Kate and Sarah gush about the marvels of the Dove Nourishing Oil Care products I felt it was only right to pop the shampoo and conditioner into my shopping basket spurred on by the fact that at the time each product was half price. It seems that Glasgow loves a good bargain as I could not source the leave in treatments anywhere!

Basically if you suffer from frizz, dry or rough hair you may want to stop what you are doing and stock up on this range as it is nothing short of amazing which is only amplified by the fact that the price is also great. I paid just under £2.50 for the larger 350ml bottles which retail for £4.99 each, not bad when you consider how much a salon brand would charge for a product of this quality. 

Not only does the Dove Nourishing Oil Care line smell utterly amazing (it doesn't have the usual creamy Dove scent this version is slightly more fruity) but it actually works. From the first use my hair was softer, easier to comb and far less frizzy without feeling weighed down. Each product within the Nourishing Oil Care line contains weightless Nutri-Oils and Aragan Oil to nourish the hair and penetrate deeper than your typical hair care product - Dove claim on a cellular level. I have no idea if that is at all true but I can vouch that my hair has never looked better, gone is the frizz and in is silky soft hair that not only looks better but sits better too.

Consider me a fully fledged convert. 

Boots have discontinued their half price offer but Superdrug have picked up where they have left off offering all Dove hair care products at half price or better - link

Random Fact - Doves are a member of the Columbidae family of birds, and are closely related to pigeons.