Today's post is a little different and I do apologise if it offends you or perhaps gives you the giggles (naughty) but the way I see it is that the majority of my readers are female and mature enough to handle a post of this nature. Myself on the other hand, well that is another question. Ha I kid I assure you that I am a woman.

Anyway moving on I was recently challenged by Always to put their new Infinity range to the test to ensure that they can withstand a vigorous workout while remaining discreet and comfortable. As much as a highly energetic workout appeals to me (NOT) I decided to pass the task (and payment) on to my little cousin as I have reached that stage in my life when I really couldn't care less what people think of me. Where as she is still young, very image concious and still deems that time of the month as utter hell. The way I see it is if she gives the product the thumbs up it has to be good, no-one is more fickle than her.

So a quick brief on the new generation of Always range - the Infinity pads focus have unique features one being the Revolutionary Materials, the concept is that you don't need to feel protected to know that you are being protected. The Infinity' range feature a new to the UK market material called Infinicel which is constructed from a specific liquid which create a unique foam core that can absorb up to ten times it's own weight in liquid. They mould to your body (similar to memory foam) so the result is that they are it is extremely comfortable to wear without any bunching.

So my cousin went to her usual disco dancing training (I'm not talking some John Travolta Staying Alive moves, competitive disco dancing is brutal - the sheer thought of it makes my legs hurt. I'm glad those days are over) complete with her usual Lycra attire and the first thing she said to me was that she felt more confident. Any ex-dancers will know how unforgiving a leotard and tights can be. She said for the first time ever she wasn't worried that the other gels could see her choice of protection and that they were shockingly comfortable. After two hours of sweat, sheer acrobatics and cursing (we live in Glasgow, you just accept that your dance teacher swears - it is easier that way. Trust me.) the pad stayed firmly in place and was absorbent as promised.

If you fancy putting the range to the test I have a set of three boxes to give to one lucky winner,
just leave your email address below and I will pick a winner at random on the 5th of Sept at random.
Good luck.

- This is a sponsored post.