Escada Rockin' Rio EDT

Forgive me for I have been a little naughty and bought a new bottle of Escada Rockin' Rio before hitting up Duty Free. I simply couldn't resist and did show a little restraint as I only purchased the 30ml steps.

I am serious when no scent quite captures the essence of summer nights quite like Rockin' Rio can. Yes Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess is the perfect summer scent for lazy summer days but come night fall when you want something slightly sexier but fruity look no further than Escada.

Escada Rockin' Rio EDT

"Rockin' Rio - Inspired by the ultimate holiday cocktail - the Pina Colada
, and the best of fun times in the sun in Rio de Janeiro. Rockin' Rio has a sweet yet fresh and fruity character - achieved via the combination of tropical coconut and pineapple - that drives its uniqueness amongst the Spring/Summer collection"

Please do not fear the description,  yes it is some what inspired by a cocktail but it is not sickly sweet and truthfully does not remind me of a Pina Colada what so ever. In my opinion the coconut accords are over powered by the pineapple and with a slight whiff of passionfruit yes it is bright and fruity but it somehow manages to remain grown up. It is a typical Escada offering but i'm a firm believer in the school of thought if it ain't broke don't fix it!

Escada Rockin' Rio £22-£33/30ml/50ml/100ml via Debenhams - link