Neom Refresh Organic Room Spray Review

Despite being a complete candle hoarder and abuser every now and then I find them to be a chore especially when all I want to do is quickly fragrance a room. For that reason or for those who can't burn candles be it due to renting regulations, pets, small kids or all of the above I recommend purchasing a fragranced room spray. 

Now I'm no snob and do bow to the alter that is Febreze (if they bottled that scent I would happily wear it) but I'd only be lying to myself if I didn't admit that I enjoy a little touch of luxury every now and then and when it comes to home scents they don't come much more indulgent than Neom. Sadly said brand can be a little pricey particularly when it comes to the large candles but with the new addition of the room sprays comes a new price point and I think most would be shocked to learn that a full sized Neom Organic Room Spray retails for £16. Okay it's not exactly bargain basement pricing but as a little goes a long way, it's 95% Organic and kind to both fabrics and your lungs I feel it is justified.

Neom Refresh Organic Room Spray Review

At the moment I am currently enjoying the Refresh scent option which is a blend of Sicilian Lemon and Fresh Basil which as you can imagine is both refreshing hence the name and uplifting due to the bright sunny citrus note that is lemon. Sometimes lemon based fragrances can be a little tart and overly sweet but I find Refresh to be the perfect balance between mellow and authentic and like every Neom product it has been blended to provide aromatherapy benefits. This particular scent has been blended to enliven and uplift both the body and mind. Neom state that it is the perfect morning or pre-night-out pick-me-up option but for me I find it great to spray all over the home on rainy days to cheer me up or to help pick me up when I'm running on empty. Surprisingly this spray is also said to be great for sore throats!

However I think the selling point for most will be that it smells eerily similar to Estee Lauder's Bronze Goddess and as it is fabric safe there is nothing stopping you from spritzing it on your clothing.

In my images you can see a little glimpse of my new bedside cabinet from Out there Interiors which is currently keeping all my beauty odds and ends out of the way while I redecorate. It is deceptively large - not so much in size but in what it can hold. Once the paint has dried in my room and I have moved everything back into it's place I'll be sure to give you a tour of both the contents but also my room!

Neom Refresh Organic Room Spray* £16 via Neom - link
White Fretwork Bedside Table* £159 via Out There Interiors - link
* PR Samples sent for consideration of review.

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