Le Soft Perfume Rock

Just when I thought I had found my favourite travel perfume along came Le Soft Perfume Rock and changed my mind. Newly launched on Cult Beauty is the Le Soft Perfume collection which is the brainchild of Isabelle Masson Mandonnaud - co-founder of Sephora (a.k.a the woman that has burnt a hole in our pockets many a time and the constant Sephora lust list) and Philippe Vignon. Together they have used their beauty know how to create the chicest range of solid perfumes the eye ever did see. Each offering is sensitive skin-friendly with a moisturising base of shea butter, uber chic, travel-friendly (you can even take them on board a flight).

Le Soft Perfume Rock

A little side note on the packaging which isn't much bigger or heavier than a lipstick yet contains 5g of product so you can have endless applications (you can apply to any pulse point you wish) on the go without weighing down your bag. It is so dinky you can even pop it in a pocket should needs must - at a festival etc! Le Soft Perfume Rock of course gives a nod to music when it comes to packaging with a funky rock chic design that features red and black text complete with a guitar or two.

Le Soft Perfume in Rock is all out sexy and almost unisex in my opinion it is mellow yet comforting and earthy at the same time thanks to a blend of spice and citrus notes. Le Rock is features bergamot, lemon and orange fuse together for a bright citrus kick but the addition of cedar and musk combine to give an almost leather scent. Like I said it is sexy but in a care free, less than obvious way and is perfect for every rock chick out there...skinny jeans and oodles of black khol liner totally optional!

Le Soft Perfume Rock* £19 via Cult Beauty - link
* PR Sample sent for consideration of review.

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