Please don't ever feel bad for having a period of lost inspiration or even interest in blogging, I've seen some outright panic worrying that perhaps their blogging days are over because they've reached a slump or a bump in the road. I'm here to say it happens to the best of us (god could that sound any more self important if I tried) and share a few tricks of the trade should it happen to you.

First of all no-one is going to think any less of you for taking a few days, weeks or any months off from blogging - it is a cliche and yes overused but "your blog, your rules firmly springs to mind". Sure you may loose a few readers along the way but that happens daily to any given blog regardless of absence or not and sometimes a break is just what the doctor ordered to re-light and get those blogging juices going (eww!).

Personally I have to work through the slump, not because my livelihood depends on it but purely because if I don't I become lazy and won't do anything at all. By working through the lost inspiration phase doesn't have to refer typing up posts -simply popping into your local Boots or Superdrug and looking at new beauty products may help or pulling out all those products you promised to photograph and simply forgot about may well light a fire under your ass (I'm such a wordsmith) and get you back on the path of creativity. Of course both suggestions apply to beauty blogging as that is all I know but I'm sure you can take such advice and apply it to other forms of blogging in one way or the other.

Let's face it life happens, it gets in the way and so it should. Memories are seldom made while typing. Imagine being chained to a computer screen all day everyday no thanks! My advice is to let it happen - hey it may just inspire you, from your friends new hair do to some new fad beauty treatment your uncle twice removed on your mum's side tried out in the middle of the shopping center (remember those fish pedicures, well be thankful I didn't post his photos), it may just be the basis for your next post.

Sometimes the panic button gets pressed when we suddenly run out of things to blog about - for that I like to have scheduled posts which mean that should my mind put a brick wall there is always something new I can publish. This also allows me to have a few days off from typing up beauty posts to re-group without feeling the need to quickly hash out a post that no-one will want to read or stops that compulsion that some of us bloggers have been around for quite a while now get - blogging purely out of habit. This is the worst hurdle and more often not the succubus of my blogging mojo!

Do you like lists? I love making lists, sometimes I make lists about lists I like to make. Sad? You betcha but a list seems to be the best way to extract my brain of any decent ideas, it seems that once I jot down one idea the rest come snowballing out. Try it, I bet it works for you!

Most importantly don't be afraid to ask for help, in my experience the blogging community is nothing but supportive and sometimes simply saying "help!" can lift a weight. Take to Twitter and bounce ideas of others or simply ask for help be it a new direction or someone to guest post while you re-group. Help is there and I guarantee if you ask, someone will answer.

Basically before you get your knickers in a twist about loosing blogsperation every now in then is to remember that it happens to us all at some point. The other thing that helps me is to remind myself that I am writing about lipstick, my cats, what I ate a week ago and maybe my pretty new dress - I am not saving lives. It's not that serious!
Enjoy the ride but my god don't let it dictate your every move!

Happy blogging :)

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