I have a less than surprising confession - I am a shop-a-holic...yep I am truly inflicted with the buy now and never regret later disease. It is truly tragic. Obviously I kid but I do enjoy to shop and love nothing more than a good bargain or ten and thought my fellow bargain hunters may enjoy hearing about a great new deal-aggregator site that is Bownty.

In a nutshell Bownty daily collects all the various deals on the Internet which is around 2,500 based from 100 offer type sites within the UK alone and only deliver the deals that would be relevant to yourself which is based on the city you live. For instance I live in Glasgow and only receive the best offers for the greater Glasgow area. Trust me sorting the wheat from the chaff when it comes to promotions is a tireless task so allowing Bownty to do this for me frees up time that could be spent shopping (cue shifty winky face). Quick, easy and yet I save money what's not to like.

Unlike other sites Bownty sift each days promotions into five categories allowing you to easily search and find exactly what you are on the hunt for, as you can imagine I spend more time in the Health and Beauty section that the others and have actually used the service today to book a £7 facial...kerching! If wading through the various categories still seems a little tiresome (hey we are a busy bunch) then you can simply pursue the daily email that Bownty will send based around your interests and preferences, basically it will only highlight offers that you would be interested in. One email - no spam, no fuss just great offers delivered straight to your in-box. My favourite thing about Bownty is that has a Deal Wallet function which alerts you to any expiring vouchers you may have purchased - apparently I am not the only one who has purchased a gift voucher of some sort only to forget all about it and have it expire!

If that sounds like something you would be interested in I urge you to sign up to Bownty today - link
and if you do using the above link you will be automatically entered into a prize draw to win a £55 gift card to use against Bownty offers. You a have a week to enter (closes 20th of June) so sign up now.

Disclaimer - This is a sponsored post, all content is my own experiences and I do indeed use Bownty myself.