Rahua Volume Duo Review

A few days ago I ran out of conditioner - I'm not sure how it happened considering I own enough beauty products to revival a large Superdrug store on the highstreet but it did and desperate times call for desperate measures. Yep opening up your suitcase and hoping there is some mini's hidden in there that you have forgotten about as a trip to the 24 hour ASDA in your PJ's is never all that appealing...

Luckily for me I had an unused duo by Rahua that I have been meaning to test out simply haven't got around to it. If you are on the look out for 100% organic and/or Vegan hair care products then Rahua is a brand you may want to investigate as their entire line consists of products constructed using the Rahua nut which also lends it's name to the brand. Apparently the women from the Quechua-Shuar tribe have used Rahua nut oil for centuries when it comes to hair care and research into the ingredient has shown that it consists of tiny molecules that penetrates deep into each hair shaft which in turn fortify the hair's cortex so with continual use you should see results which include stronger hair which is less prone to breakage. The beauty of this hair line is that it is gentle enough for those like myself with coloured hair/ bleached hair yet is has the cleansing power to shift oil and general grime.

At the moment I have the Rahua Volume Duo which has an odd but pleasant enough scent - it is somewhat minty yet has a typical organic herb like fragrance at the same time. Please don't be put off by my description as it is not at all offensive and it doesn't tend to linger on the hair. If like myself you have rather thick hair that does its own thing I don't recommend the Volume Duo unless you particularly enjoy huge hair as boy does this give you volume - great for a night out but for everyday use not so much. However having said that I thoroughly enjoyed using the duo and found that while the shampoo really did leave my hair squeaky clean it didn't strip my hair of moisture and the follow up conditioner did engulf an cocoon my hair in a hydrating balm without weighing it down. The result was puffy but shiny hair that was soft to the touch and looked gloriously healthy. Next time around I'll go for the normal duo and leave the Diana Ross look at home!

Rahua Volume Duo* £12 via Cult Beauty - link
* PR Sample sent for consideration of review.

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