Orly Halloween Collection 2013

Yes sir the beauty world waits for no man and here we have the first glimpse of Orly Halloween 2013.
I should mention that Halloween is one of my favourite yearly occurrences so do expect me to go all out in the coming months...

Orly Halloween Collection 2013
Orly Halloween Collection 2013

Orly Halloween 2013 is a teeny tiny collection which only features four shades - a little disapointing if you ask me as the choices are almost identical. However if you did miss out on Melt Your Popsicle from last year this coming Autumn you will be able to remedy that!

Orly Halloween 2013
Liquid Vinyl - True black 
Goth - black base with silver glitter
Melt Your Popsicle - fluorescent orange (re-promote)
Orange Punch - bright orange (read the review and see my swatches here - link)

What are your thoughts?

This collection should be on most Orly stands in the US/Canada by the end of August 
and September for the UK.

Random Fact - Halloween is the second highest grossing commercial event after Christmas.