Nude Miracle Mask

I've spoken countless times about my personal hatred for exfoliants and scrubs, in a nutshell most break my skin out or worse dry out my face which in turn encourages it to produce excess sebum which as an oily chica is something I really do not need. However to keep skin feeling soft and looking fresh I am afraid for most exfoliation of some degree is a necessary evil but finding a product suited to my skin type has proven to be easier said than done, well that is until I was introduced to Nude's Miracle Mask.

Nude Miracle Mask
Nude Miracle Mask

Nude Miracle Mask has a light almost serum like consistency and is laden with tiny rice beads so that when you apply and massage this mask onto the skin they gently slough off dead and dry skin unveiling a new, fresh and all together brig her complexion. This mask contains Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) which in laymen's terms is a gentle acid that is sometimes used in skincare products to exfoliate without the need of a scrub, as with any product that contains AHA it is recommended that you take care in the sun e.g limit exposure and use a high sun protectant. 

As you have not only the rice beads but also the added AHA ingredient I do think you will be hard pushed to find another skin care product that cleanses as deeply as those does all the while being gentle and riding the skin of dryness and dullness. Used once a week this mask will not only soften the skin but also deep cleanse which I deem a little more important once the weather heats up. I must warn that I have found this to tingle my skin while in use however after being rinsed off nothing came of the tingle sensation no redness or general irritation but I do still feel it is worth a mention particularly if you have sensitive skin. 

I only use the Nude Miracle Mask once a week and have to say that my skin does look brighter, fresher and the dullness that I am prone to has subsided and oddly despite the humid weather since I have began trialing this mask my skin does seem to be less oily. Some have reported that by using the Nude Miracle Mask they have noticed a reduction in pore size and/or fine lines, truthfully this hasn't had that effect on my skin but there is still time. Perhaps in six months I will update with a follow up review if anything changes but for now I can recommend this as one of the best yet gentle exfoliant products I have ever used!

Nude Miracle Mask* £38/75ml via John Lewis - link
* PR sample sent for consideration of review.

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