Greenland Lip Balm and Hand Cream Kit in Coconut

If you are anything like myself your handbag maybe a complete lost cause and perhaps the reason you have an achy back on occasion? Well I was recently introduced to the Dutch natural skin and body care brand Greenland and new space saving kit that is Greenland's Lip Balm and Hand Cream kit in Coconut.

Coconut is one of my favourite scents particularly when it creamy and fresh, it always reminds me of summer and days spent at the beach. Luckily the Greenland Coconut scent is mild and almost milky in fragrance which works wonderfully well both as a lip balm and as a hand cream.

Greenland Lip Balm and Hand Cream Kit in Coconut

Of course with Greenland being a natural brand you can slick on the lip balm knowing full well that it does not contain petroleum jelly which can be more of a hindrance to the lips rather than being beneficial. In my opinion this is a slightly firmer lip balm and perhaps not the most hydrating but for a quite boost of moisture that is easy to apply thanks to the lipstick bullet shape you can't go too wrong. That and it tastes like coconut sorbet...yum!

Greenland Lip Balm and Hand Cream Kit in Coconut

The Greenland hand cream is slightly less coconut scented and has a more typical "cream" scent. If you prefer a thicker hand cream this is the one for you, this thick and highly nourishing yet hydrating hand cream feels almost like a balm on the hands but is quickly absorbed all the same. With this being so thick and luxurious a little goes a long way and if like myself you often suffer from chapped skin on your hands this acts as a great barrier too. In my opinion one of the best aspects about the Greenland hand cream is the packaging, I couldn't tell you how many times I have burst a tube of hand cream in my bag but this nifty little tin ends that dilemma. Can I get a hallelujah!

Any duo that can save my back and prevent spillages within my hand bag is good by me!

Greenland Lip Balm and Hand Cream Kit in Coconut* £7.95 via Greenland - link
* PR Sample sent for consideration of review.

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