Clinique Super City Block

I wish I took better care of my skin in my teens, I really do.
As a teenager my idea of skincare was washing my face with perhaps a little sunscreen while on holiday and considering I had more than a dalliance with sunbeds back in the day it is nothing but sheer luck that I don't currently have the skin of woman in her 80's. Now that I am in my mid twenties I have completely jumped ship and do all in my power to look after my skin and that includes a good daily high SPF and in my case it is currently Clinique Super City Block.

Clinique Super City Block
Clinique Super City Block

I am far from a skin care expert (hello I admitted to using tanning beds haha!) and what little knowledge I have gathered together has been gained from the experiences beauty blogging has allowed. When it comes to SPF for the face I do know that you should always look for a formula that contains protection against both UVA (longwave, the main cause of skin cancer) and UVB (short wave and the rays that commonly cause sunburn and of course can lead to skin cancer) rays. Generally speaking if you are wearing it under make-up the higher the SPF protection factor the better as you will less than likely be reapplying throughout the day and the higher the factor number the longer the protection. I also champion oil free sunscreen's for the face as they are less likely to clog pores and make for a better base to apply make-up on top of.

At the moment I have been reaching for Clinique Super City Block on a daily basis, this high factor (SPF 40) oil free formula doesn't just protect the skin from both UVA and UVB rays but it contains antioxidants (a powerful anti ageing ingredient) to help protect against environmental damage such as pollution. Clinique Super City Block has a light almost tinted moisturiser type of texture which does have a pale beige tint but that quickly disappears once absorbed into the skin and doesn't leave behind any traces of a colour cast. I must warn that despite most of Clinique's facial products being scent free the City Block does have a typical sun screen fragrance. As with most sun protectants I find that this one leave the skin looking a little shiny until I have applied my usual foundation et al over the top of it so if you decide to wear this alone you may find setting with a powder to beneficial to mop up a little of the shine. That aside the oil free formula does not interfere with my make-up in the slightest, no affected wear time, no excess oil no nothing just the happy knowledge that my skin is being shielded against all the environment can throw its way. 

Clinique Super City Block* £16/40ml via Clinique - link
* PR Sample sent for consideration of review.

Random Fact - One of the first sunscreens was invented by chemist Franz Greiter in 1938. Greiter's sunscreen was called Gletscher Crème or Glacier Cream and had a sun protection factor of 2.