Jimmy Choo Exotic Eau de Toilette

I may have never featured the original Jimmy Choo fragrance but it is often my go to for a quiet night out - by that I mean cocktails and dinner not a brutal night out on the tiles a la Geordie Shore style. The soft floral scent is perfect for evening wear as it is subtle yet distinguished at the same time, basically a step away from my usual fruity scent choices.

If like myself you are a fan of the original scent you may want to budget for Jimmy Choo Exotic Eau de Toilette which is set to launch next month (June) and is said to take the original scent and add a fruity twist.
With notes of Blackcurrant, pink grapefruit,passion flower, tiger orchid and base notes of patchouli and raspberry it sounds like the perfect evening scent for summer.

I imagine come it's launch in a matter of weeks the beauty world will be ablaze with reviews and praise for this fragrance much like the original and I have to admit that I am excited to try out Jimmy Choo Exotic Eau de Toilette for myself.

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