Only kidding but they do take up a great deal of my time! If I am honest I have been spending a little too long on my ipad playing around with various apps, beauty apps are my poison along with The Simpsons Tapped Out and Candy Crush.

My current favourite apps to mess around with are: The ColorMirror app which was developed by YSL(anything from YSL gets a thumbs up from me) is a rather funky app that allows you to apply various make-up shades before purchasing them. Think of all the money you can save and the fact you never need to touch a grimy tester tube again!

Perhaps my favourite app is The Color Genius App by L’Oreal which allows you to take a photo of your outfit and aids in giving you co-ordinating or clashing (if you so wish) shades of L’Oreal products…I warn you now you will lose many an hour to this app.

Another App worth downloading particularly if you are a fan of care of your skin is My Own App. Basically you take a self portrait seems and it highlights any problem areas of your skin, shows you how you could look if you follow the apps advice.  It’s a great way of staying on top of the ageing process.

Don’t judge me but I have just bought myself a new i-phone from at, the iphone 5 as a belated birthday treat basically the deal was too good to refuse and we all need a decent phone for messing around with apps bed bound or on the bus!