Can I let you in on a little secret?
I forever leave things to the last minute and end up in an almighty flap rushing to get things done,
not so much with my blog that I seem to be on top of - perhaps because I enjoy it so much but real life....pah!I've always been the same even at school and university if an essay was due in on the 10th you can bet you last penny that I would be finishing mine en route at the back of the bus...classy! So could there be a better test for Nivea Stress Protect? I think not!

Did you know that after heat,stress is the 2nd most common trigger for sweating and is very different to the sweat produced from heat or physical exercise (not that I really do much of that). It has a more rapid onset and smells much worse (yuck), making it harder to control. NIVEA Stress Protect is proven to minimise this stress sweat by up to 85% and helps reduce the formation of body odour. Nivea Stress Protect has a lovely light, clean scent and is very much unisex so here is my third and final test!

My cat karate kicking my invisible butt into action!

As many will know this year I am going back into the big scary world of education to start studying towards becoming a Vet (animals are so much easier to deal with than people), although I had made my mind up months ago that this was the right thing to do I did indeed leave my application forms until the last minute. Cue the sweaty hands, furrowed brow and oh the sheer panic. I fired up the lap top and began to really sell myself (I may have oversold and embellished a little ...shh) in the hope of landing my dream course. I'm not going to lie I literally felt sick and yes I did sweat but I can happily vouch that the stress sweat did not get the better of me or Nivea Stress Protect for that matter. Was I an utter mess after applying heck yes but at least my underarms where dry as a bone. If only I could apply Nivea Stress Protect to my face I could have the world fooled that I really am an oasis of calm. Ha yeah right!

You can find out more about Nivea Stress protect via Nivea UK's web page.
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