I've held off posting Revlon Girly Nail Enamel for a long time - I think I bought it off of eBay back in January.Basically I wanted to wait until it hit UK shores before reviewing it to make it easier to source should anyone want to purchase a bottle.

If you cast your mind back to last Summer you may recall Nails Inc Sprinkle nail polishes launching?
Well essentially Revlon Girly Nail Polish is a cheaper version and an almost (emphasis on almost) dupe for Nails Inc Topping Lane Sprinkles Nail Polish - review link.

I would deem Revlon Girly Nail Enamel as a dusky but milky pink come lilac base that isn't quite jelly in formula but is pretty sheer, suspended within said base is various sizes of flecks of glitter in an array of pink, silver and purple tones. Unlike the Nails Inc version the glitter in Revlon Girly is not matte and reminds me of fairy dust...not that I have ever seen fairy dust.
It's sugary sweet and one for all the girly girls out there, I have yet to find a polish that screams "I'm a Barbie Girl" quite like this one does.

The thing with Revlon Girly is you'll either love or loathe it, I don't there is an in-between emotion for this shade. Being a complete and utter fool for all things pink and glittery this appeals to my inner magpie but sophisticated it ain't, it's just the right amount of tacky.

As I mentioned it is fairly sheer and for that reason alone I highly recommend applying over another pink polish or a white base for ease of use. I have applied it over Butter London Teddy Girl - review link.
Application wise it applies like every other glitter and is best dabbed on rather than brushed on as you would with any other polish.

A fairy dusted thumbs up from me but do let me know what you think!

Revlon Girly Nail Enamel £6.49/14.7ml via Superdrug - link