I am forever blogging about scents be they for the body or home I think I am becoming a little obsessed and genuinely do like to have various home fragrances for each mood and occasion.
I realise that makes me a little nutty but hey we are what we are!

With that in mind I would like to share Neom Sumptuous Organic Reed Diffuser which is a heat free
method of scenting your home using only natural mood enhancing oils.
If you have young kids, pets or simply can not be trusted with an open flame (I would name and shame but through fear of her killer left hook I shall keep my lips sealed) reed diffusers are a perfect way to scent the home.
To use you simply insert the reeds into the glass jar containing the oil and allow up to 48 hours for the scent to be diffused throughout the room or home and after that you can control the level of scent by adding 
or removing the reeds.

I'm sure some are thinking I could get the same results with a plug in device which is undoubtedly cheaper and I guess you could to some extent.
However I am a little OCD and can not leave the house knowing I have left something, anything for that matter plugged in and would worry that I would return home to find my house burnt to the ground!
The beauty is you can place reed diffusers anywhere and just leave them be, even in a wardrobe.
You can also top up the oil with refills over time should you need to.
Unlike plug in's these look a whole lot prettier and in the case of NEOM are loaded with natural oils which are much kinder on the respiratory system.

What I love about Neom is not only is each scented product created with natural and organic ingredients
but that each fragrance is blended with a treatment purpose in mind and in the case of the Sumptuous scent is 
of course a divine and dedicate blend of happy and feel good uplifting notes will make you smile, take the weight off your shoulders all the while giving the home a beautiful and luxurious scent. 

In simple terms I would describe the  Sumptuous blend as a bright floral - notes of rose and neroli fuse together for a feminine and fresh scent that it is light, pure and delicate at the same time.
I find the NEOM Reed Diffusers to be effective at scenting the home, I keep mine in my hallway so I'm greeted with the scent every time I come home, a lovely welcoming if you will!

Neom Sumptuous Organic Reed Diffuser* £35/100ml via Neom - link

* Product sent for consideration.