Nails Inc Noho Leather Effect Nail Polish Photo

Nails Inc Noho Leather Effect Nail Polish Photo
Nails Inc Noho Leather Effect Nail Polish Photo

Up until now matte nail polish is not something I actively seek out or enjoy for that matter
but I will be the first to admit it does translate rather well when a black polish is concerned.
With that in mind Nails Inc have taken the classic black nail polish, made it matte and thrown in a little texture  for good measure too.
I am of course talking about Nails Inc's latest venture their Leather Effect line which composes of three chic and very wearable shades.

I don't know if it is my inner biker speaking (I dream of a Harley Davidson and some bad ass leathers to take on the open road) but there is something rather sexy about leather particularly black leather.
There is of course exceptions to this rule - Kayne West and Kim Kardashian I am looking at you...a leather kilt, I mean really bro?
If you want to forgo any Kimye leather faux pas the easiest way to rock a hint of leather is with Nails Inc Noho Leather Effect nail polish.
Speaking of leather accents the cap of each of the Leather Effect polishes come with a faux leather cap.

Noho is a true black shade that applies glossy but quickly settles to a matte finish which mocks leather with it's slightly grainy texture which can only really be appreciated in person.
What I like most about Nails Inc Noho is that yes it is matte but it is not as flat as your typical matte offering
and is a rather lovely spin on a classic.

You can purchase Nails Inc Leather Effect Polishes* from HQ Hair for £12 but I recommend paying a little more (£19) and picking up the rather swish Leather & Skulls Kit - link